Plantation Shutters

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If you're in the process of modernizing your home, you shouldn't neglect your windows. Custom Blinds N' More based in Jackson, TN can install custom plantation shutters to match any home décor. We will help you choose your ideal brand and material to ensure the best product at a competitive price.

Once your custom plantation shutters are installed, you can count on us for any of your shutter repair or replacement needs.

Find out for yourself why home remodeling experts recommend plantation shutter installation for a variety of homeowners. Contact us now for more information about our popular plantation shutters.

Why choose plantation shutters?

Why choose plantation shutters?

Due to the benefits, homeowners are requesting plantation shutter installations now more than ever. Some of the perks of plantation shutters include:

  • Simple maintenance—their material allows for easier cleaning
  • Light control—they're installed flush to the window to prevent light leakage
  • Child safety—the cordless design removes the risk of accidental injuries

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